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There were good times, there were bad times.

Last week at some point I wrote about the struggles we’ve been having with Collin at bed time. Unfortunately at this point we are still dealing with them a little. We’ve had some good nights and some bad nights, but nothing has quite compared to that first night of the resistance.

The thing is, I’ve really been frazzled by it all. I mean… it was a sudden change. Maybe he figured out he could fight the idea of going to bed? Maybe once he experienced us not knowing how to handle it he figured he’d keep pushing? I don’t know what it is, but it is frustrating, and mostly saddening, because I know he can follow directions and get ready for bed calmly, he’s done it for several years.

Perhaps this is coming on the toes of being an independent 4 year old? He sure does like to do things his way and when he’s ready. When it comes down to it, I have to wonder if it isn’t US at all, but more HIM trying to take care of himself. I have been on the verge of tears over bed time a couple of nights this week – out of frustration, out of my own exhaustion, out of sadness. But I need to remember… he’s growing, he’s still my sweet boy (this only happens right before bed, after all), and so far we have taught him the best we can to make good decisions. I need to have faith he will make those good decisions, and perhaps the resistance will continue no more.

Update on Our Rylee Girl

I imagine raising a new puppy is a lot like raising a second child – you have to re-learn everything you did the first time around. We’ve figured out quite a few things – like Rylee is a LOT more mouth-y than Brady ever was. And a lot more vocal. She needs obedience badly, so we’ll be signing up for that shortly. But, she’s also incredibly smart, and funny, and she likes to play. We just need to reign those bad habits in a bit and let her know we LOVE the good things she’s got going on.

She’s gone through a lot of growing over the last month and a half. Her puppy fur fell out in clumps and she’s got a gorgeous, shiny black coat now, her ears have elevated to new heights (haha), and she’s getting a lot taller. She went from 7.2lbs at her first vet appointment to 11.2 at the next and I think its all in her legs. We’re hoping overall she stays petite, as we do not want another big dog like Brady. Of course at this point she’ll be what she’ll be, but we’d love it if she stayed pint-sized.

Another challenge we’re faced with this time in raising a puppy is teaching Collin how to interact with her. He has been on the receiving end of a nip a couple times now, and is having a hard time understanding that she ALWAYS thinks he’s playing with her. So, that is another hurdle we are trying to get over. I think doing obedience with both of them is going to be a huge help.

And now, for some pics. The first is our first day with her, the next is a couple of weeks later, and the last is of last week. Plus, one of Rylee and Brady playing, which they do so well. Brady is a saint <3

ryleegirl (1 of 4) ryleegirl (2 of 4) ryleegirl (4 of 4) ryleegirl (3 of 4)

Is this what I’m in for? Because I’ll pass.

We had the most difficult night with Collin we have ever experienced last night and I’m not thrilled to expect there might be more of the same coming our way. He’s back into the routine of fighting us to go to bed, waking up when the sun rises, and not napping during the day. He is EXHAUSTED. I know his signs and they are all there – he really just needs a fantastic night of sleep but absolutely refuses.

Last night we tried to put him to bed and he didn’t want to. He insisted that he wanted to do something else – paint, watch a movie, go downstairs, anything but sleep. We tried to get him to lay down and when that didn’t work we just left him in his room. Until he started throwing his body against his door and throwing things across the room.

I try so hard to ignore his behavior when he’s like this. It is not something I care to endorse, however when he could hurt himself there is a line I’m willing to cross. Plus, the kid has a killer arm – he easily could’ve thrown something to break a window.

I tried taking movies away (he watches Cars 1 and 2 religiously), took toys away, nothing worked… he is getting too smart.

We ended up calling my mother because my threat to talk to Nana about his behavior was the first thing to really strike a nerve. He got very upset but I called anyway and we talked. He also talked to her, but it didn’t phase him. After we hung up he was up to the same thing. Finally, at the end of our rope and ready to scream ourselves, Brian and I left the room again.

About 15 minutes later Collin asked to come downstairs to give us hugs and say sorry because he wanted to go to bed. My sweet boy is in there. I don’t know how to handle this alter ego that comes out when he is overtired. It is exhausting, to say the least.

The Year of Four, Cont’d.

Earlier this year I posted about this being the “year of four” in Collin’s world. Many, many of his friends celebrated or will celebrate a 4th birthday this year and he’s near the end of the pack. It has prepared me for what is to come, sort of, but man, over the last few weeks I think we’ve hit another growth spurt or something. Nothing can really prepare me for the shock I feel when he wakes up looking older than the day before.

I just want to burst into tears.

New Hampshire blogger CollinRocks (1 of 2)

A handful of my friends are expecting so there has been a lot of talk about babies as of late. Collin is excited to meet some of my closest girlfriend’s newest additions, and it just makes me miss him being so small I could cradle him in my arms. Of course, I’ve got a whole new love for the child he has become now, but I can’t help but have a little disbelief at just how big he as gotten.

Surprise! What a weekend!

Well, I wrote about my birthday on Thursday not even knowing what I had coming to me. What a weekend I had, and it started off perfectly Friday.

Thursday we just went out to dinner as a family, walked around the mall, and enjoyed each others company. It was a really nice night and I was pleased. DH and Collin gave me a new bead for my Pandora bracelet and I loved just being with them. I always do.

Friday I woke up expecting to hang out with Collin, go to a photo session I had, then go to Brian’s softball game. Things were going along according to plan until Brian texted me that his game had been moved to a later time. No big deal, though, since that meant I had time to run an errand after my session and I could just meet B & C at the ball field later. Perfect.

Well, when B came home before I left for my session he said he decided to take C swimming at my IL’s house before the game. That sounded great since it was like 90* outside with humidity at 99%, lol. So off I went, and off they went and all was well. I had my session, then got to my car to find a text from Brian saying my mother-in-law really wanted me to swing by before the game because she had a gift for me. Okay, okay, makes sense, so I head that way.


I turn onto the street their house is on an saw all the cars of my closest friends and family and burst into tears immediately. From what I hear, Brian worked REALLY hard to pull together a party for me and keep it a surprise, and he succeeded tremendously. I had NO IDEA and was so happy.

We had a Hawaiian luau with music, swimming, laughter and fun. I was blown away, and so excited, and loved every minute of it. What a great night. My mother had someone at her work make me a real lei, others donned grass skirts, and I had a flip flop cake. Perfect! I cannot thank everyone involved enough. Definitely made my 30th more memorable. <3

Saturday was pretty laid back for us. We lounged around, did a few errands, and went swimming again. Its been SO HOT here – its really crazy. In the afternoon Saturday I was so, so excited to find out one of my best friends is having a BOY! Nicolasa had her birthday and a gender reveal party and found out via a cake colored blue that she’s expecting a little boy. So much fun!

Finally, yesterday we celebrated with another one of my best friends at her baby shower! She’s having a girl and got so much great stuff. I cannot wait to meet that little one!

What a weekend indeed!

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