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We Need To Let Our Kids Fall

Have you ever watched a child learn to walk? They let go of something and wobble in one spot for a minute, then fall on their bottom. Then they get back up and let go of something and wobble there for another minute then fall on their bottom again. Then they get back up and let go of something and seem to be a bit steadier then maybe put one foot in front of the other – maybe they fall again, maybe they steady themselves out? Then eventually they do the frankenstein walk with their arms stretched out for balance, and proud was an understatement?

At one point, would that child’s parent ever say “Oh, nevermind, I’ll do it for you, you’re taking too long to learn to walk” and pick that child up and take him or her to whatever toy they were headed to?

No. Thats right, they would not. They would encourage that child to get up and try it again. They would cheer when that child took a couple of steps and dance around and yell when that child finally accomplished taking a few steps on their own, making that child feel like a hero – making that child feel accomplished and on top of their own little world.

What happened to letting our kids fall? You’ve heard the saying “the only real mistakes are the ones from which we learn nothing,” right? Falling, experiencing blunders, tripping over stepping stones are truly the only way we really learn. Taking away those opportunities from our children is robbing them of a learning opportunity!

I am experiencing this phenomenon with the kids at school, with kids in my life in general, where they are not okay with making mistakes because they are never given the chance to figure out how to fix them. They are already afraid to fail which means essentially they are afraid to learn. They don’t know how to get back up if they fall down – every single thing is just being done for them, and it is so aggravating!

In this age of instant gratification and go-go-go and doing things for ourselves we are forgetting that if we don’t let our kids try they are not going to be able to do. Celebrate each and every accomplishment just like learning to walk – we need to make our kids feel more like heroes every day!

*Please* Parent Your Children!

We had an incident yesterday that still has me reeling, that makes my heart race, that leaves me wondering what on Earth people are thinking. Please, people, parent your children!

I had to go to the mall yesterday. I had something to pick up and it was a necessary trip – so Collin and I came home, played for a little bit in the continuing gorgeous weather, then went out and ran some errands, including this trip to the mall. Now, we don’t go often, but when we do go I cannot seem to get away without stopping in the play area for Collin to run around for a few.

I know… I know. There are germs, and lots of children, and its loud, and there are germs. You know what, though? I’m okay with germs. The thing that I am NOT okay with is how many parents (sorry, its a generalization I have to make) bring their children to the mall play area and act as though there are babysitters there, allowing them to not pay any attention to their kids. Its ridiculous.

Collin was minding his business climbing on this tractor and he wasn’t even on there for a few minutes when this little girl came over and started trying to edge him off the seat. She was probably about the same age as him and they were talking so I decided to let them try to figure it out. She ran away after a minute and soon came back with her brother, who was older. Much older. And bigger. Much bigger.

He started talking to Collin and this time I could hear what he was saying. He was absolutely coercing my son into getting off this structure so his little sister could get on. Saying things like “its not nice to not share” and “you should really get off now so my sister can go” and other things like that. Still, they were just talking, and Collin was kindly and quietly responding that it was his turn (which it was – like I said he’d only been on there a couple of minutes – if it had been longer I’d have suggested letting someone else go), and these two kids would not leave him alone. The big kid persisted, and persisted, and got closer and closer to Collin and my mama bear instincts were getting stronger and stronger.

Finally, it happened. This kid literally tried to pick my son up. He had his hands on Collin’s arms and was pulling him right off the structure. He was crossing boundaries and I had no choice but to step in because where were his parents? Oh yes, they were not even in the play area, they were across the food court eating their dinner not observing any of this.

Of course, I am the nicest mean mom ever. I stood up and yelled “Hey! No thank you!” and the kid let go of Collin and I walked over to them and said “No thank you, we keep our hands to ourselves!” Yeah… that is the teacher part of me. The other kid took a few steps away and said “okay, okay” over and over again. He was definitely surprised, which makes me feel like he gets away with things like this all the time. He did not even get really upset though, he walked to the other side of the play area and punched the slide a few times, clearly aggravated that he was defeated.

I was so mad. I would be mortified if that were my kid doing that to other children. He would be in SO much trouble. I don’t understand how parents let kids get away with this… then again, I don’t understand a lot of things. Like, parents who don’t watch their children in the middle of a public mall with strangers walking around all over the place.

Bricks and mortar

So there’s this boy… he kinda stole my heart. He calls me Mom” <3

What a perfect day yesterday was! We had more gorgeous weather, school went by fast due to many welcome interruptions, and I got to come home and play in the dirt with Collin. He really wanted to play in the sprinkler but I couldn’t make that happen. Instead, we played ball and he got his trucks out and built me a house.

I have this “garden” (which is really just an area filled with dirt that I have not managed to actually grow anything in yet) surrounded by bricks and he took the bricks and stacked them high, carefully put dirt between each new brick he laid down and was incredibly proud of his creation.

I love how this photo is the epitome of boyhood… trucks, dirt, scrapes. <3 Perfect.

New Hampshire blogger

In Like a Lion

Is anybody else confused by the weather this month? We are deep in the throes of March and while we should be elated to have some comfortable 50-degree weather, we are celebrating 70′s and 80′s instead. March came roaring around, that is for sure. We had a surprise March 1st snowstorm and as soon as that hit the ground it warmed up and has been pretty much many degrees above normal ever since.

I have to admit something. My wardrobe is not ready for this.

We’re expecting 80s today and tomorrow, and upper 80s on Thursday. Its just so weird! I’ll take it, of course, but its weird. And I have this case of impending doom. LIke… this is way too good to be true!

In any case, this gorgeous weather has given us plenty of opportunity to get outside. These images are from last week, but we’ve had several more days of doing just the same – playing outside, taking the dog for long walks, heading to a local park where we can explore and see ducks and geese and walk around. Its amazing.

 New Hampshire blogger New Hampshire blogger

We’ll see what the future brings. Looks like we’ll be back to “normal” this weekend – meaning 50′s, which at this point just sounds like a huge let down! Par for the course in New England!


Its A Beautiful Day!

Or, I should say, YESTERDAY was a beautiful day! Wow wow wow wow was it amazing outside. For March 12th? Yes, amazing. I was in school all day and just itching to get out the entire time. Luckily, with DST I knew I had hours to play after, which is exactly what we did.

The fresh air… the warm breeze that gently blew around every so often, it was perfect. Collin and I played ball in the yard, we took Brady for a long, long walk, and I even got to go for a run outside before it got too dark out. Just what I needed! The rest of the week is looking just as lovely. The temps are up and down a little bit, but spring is in the air and these two boys of mine are really happy about it!

New Hampshire blogger New Hampshire blogger

Sweet Shot Day

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