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Monday Pinspiration

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I love it. I’ve read several times over that people get sick of the same things getting pinned, but hey – that is what the point is. You follow people to share things, you pin things and others will see them… its what happens. That little Pin It button for your toolbar? Dangerous! Lol. I love having pictures to go with my thoughts, to have a place I can look something up and save it for later with a visual representation of what was going through my mind! Join in the fun if you haven’t already. If you need an invite I’d be happy to send you one – email me at welaughuntilwecry at gmail dot com if you’d like!

Anyway – onto the Pinspiration! These are a few of my favorite things I’ve pinned and just wanted to share.

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Am I Doing Enough?

I’ve been having a hard time with balance lately (again). The kids at school have been demanding, maybe because we are getting more to the point where they get “it” or they don’t, leaving us pushing harder, demanding more of them, and setting our sights high. Regardless of the reason, I’m exhausted.

Then I come home to an energetic 3 year old who I want nothing but the best for and wonder what exactly I need to have left to give him at the end of my day There are days that I’d love nothing more than to put on sweats, throw my feet up and read or watch tv, but he deserves more than that. There are days I wonder if I need to come home and go over his ABC’s again, or have him practice writing his name, or practice counting some more.Then I usually end up landing somewhere in between.

C goes to “school” where he does learn these things, but my job as his parent is to reinforce that, to be proactive and make sure he actively learns, and some days, I hate to admit it, I just don’t have it in me. Or some days, the house needs more attention than he does. And some days, all I want to do is go home and play games with him.

This is constantly on my mind, because I feel like he is at a point where his little sponge of a brain is going to really start putting things together, where he can really start to “get” the basics that will set him up for a great career in school. Sometimes I truly wonder if I am doing enough.

Then I think… he has clothes on his back, a roof over his head, food to eat. We read all the time, he gets plenty of kisses, he knows he is loved, he gets plenty of attention, and although sometimes it takes me a while to get there, I come to realize I am doing my best, and yes, that is definitely enough.

A Disney Surprise

We don’t do too many things just the three of us. We are always doing things with friends and family, so it isn’t like we don’t get to experience stuff, but it is never just us. I was longing for a night where Collin, Brian and myself could head out on the town and just enjoy being together. When I discovered Disney on Ice was coming to town I knew that would be perfect.

We didn’t tell Collin about it at all. It was a big “fuhprize” (surprise). When the day finally came for Collin to find out what his fuhprize was he could hardly contain himself. We went out to dinner then headed up to the arena where the show was being held. We parked and crossed the street and there on the building was a giant banner showcasing the characters. Collin saw it and pointed and I asked him if he’d like to see them and I think he may have done a little happy dance. He was SO excited. I loved it.

Last year we went to Toy Story 3 on Ice. He enjoyed it fine, but he wasn’t over the moon about it. This time he was excited beyond his control. It was awesome.

We got in, bought him a silly toy that cost way too much money, then found our seats. When Minnie, Mickey and Goofy came skating out on the ice he shouted who they were to me. Then more characters came out and there was more happy dances in his seat. Every time a character from a movie he’s seen came out he’d tell me who they were and that he “knew them.” It was Disney celebrating 100 years so there were a LOT of characters!

Just an awesome night. I think, just like it is important to make time to go on a date with your significant other every once and again, it is important to have a date with your family every once and again. I am thrilled with how much fun we all had together, just us.

A Snow Day – of sorts.

Saturday we had a lovely snowfall here – it was very cold out, but it snowed for the bulk of the day, so we were able to enjoy it. Collin was very excited to go outside to play and shovel and throw snowballs (though, it wasn’t great snowball snow).

New Hampshire blogger

All I could think was What good is a snow day if it is on the weekend?! Ha.

New Hampshire blogger

I took the snow as a prime opportunity for some fun photos with C and he was game. We got the top 1/3 of our driveway shoveled before he was ready to move on, so into the back yard we headed and I engaged him in a fake snowball fight.

New Hampshire blogger

and  then, she {snapped}

New Hampshire blogger

Love this boy so much. <3

New Hampshire blogger

On the softer side.

I’ve joined a couple of groups this year to help me continue photographing things/people/events for me and I am really excited about it. I intend to go out and get new photos for these projects, but I couldn’t help but dive in by going through my archives and start re-editing things just for the sake of it. I’ve learned some new techniques that I am interested in working with and I love doing things a little differently than my norm just to experiment.

One of the groups is for fine art, so this image would go wonderfully there. I adored this image SOOC, but I love the slight soft colors here, too.



and then, she {snapped}

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