Holiday Cheer.

My whole house is getting sick. How’s that for some holiday cheer? Ha.

In all seriousness, the cheer is here. I was wrapping some gifts last night and thought about the upcoming week and all we have in store.

Sure, I have a ton of presents left to wrap, I still need to get to the store for one last extravaganza of last-minute items, stocking stuffers, and cooking supplies for next weekend. Sure, I still don’t know if Collin even has pants that are going to fit him to go with the sweater we got for Christmas services, and I’m not sure when exactly I’m going to get our house clean to have round two of Christmas next Monday. But it will all get done. I think.

Despite all that I am feeling great. My brother comes home tonight – its been four months since we last saw him and to say we’re excited is an understatement. Collin is SO excited about Christmas this year, it just makes me feel so young again, to watch him filled with so much joy. Its just so much fun and it never fails to remind me how blessed we are, no matter what troubles are holding us down, that we get to spend this time of year with family and friends who love us. Nothing can take that away from us.

holidaylights (1 of 1)

Now if only we could have a little bit of snow to really make it feel like the holidays are here!

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Comments (2)

  1. Mellisa

    Here’s to hoping that your family is healthy by the weekend. My family is just getting over a long week of illness and the holiday cheer is just starting to creep in. Time to wrap presents, get groceries for the weekend and do my last minute shopping too!

  2. RobMonroe

    I went for a span of about five years of being sick at Christmas. Not fun.

    Sorry to say I am hoping against snow this year. We leave at noon today for 14 hours in the car, including an up-and-over for the Appalachian Mountains in Western Maryland. Oy!

    Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


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