Adjustment and routine.

Its been a busy few weeks here – getting back into the groove of working full time, sending Collin off to preschool, and adjusting to Brian’s new schedule have all taken a bit to get used to. I’m not complaining, though. I’m thankful for the adjustment. For the routine, for the opportunity, and for the comfort of knowing what is to come.

Last week was a long week. It was our first full week at school, we had many things going on in the evenings including open house (or curriculum night, as our district calls it), and it was just a lot. I was so glad when Friday arrived, though – not just because I was exhausted – but because I was happy. I feel at home, in a place I should be in. I am content for the first time in a long time. We still have some obstacles to overcome as a result of the disarray our lives have been in lately, but it will come.

I have been thinking about what I am missing out on while not being with Collin the amount I was the last couple years and specifically over the summer. I miss him, a lot, but I am okay with it.

It helps when we get home and play and I get to see this:

New Hampshire blogger

He is happy, I am happy, Brian is happy. Collin is learning a lot, loves his friends, and enjoys his freedom. I think we are all benefiting for this new routine where we all get to do our own thing for a little while each day. I love it.

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Comments (5)

  1. Beth

    I’m so happy for you! And it comforts me to read this because I am really nervous about all the adjustments coming up as I go back to work in a few weeks…

    1. Beth P (Post author)

      It will be a big change, for sure, but you will all do great and I am SURE your little Bee will do amazing! It is not easy at all, but it gets easier. Some days are harder than others (for example, for some reason right in the middle of the day yesterday I missed Collin so much I wanted to cry! Lol.)

  2. RobMonroe

    Never easy to adjust, I can attest to that! We have found that Abby is SO much more personable when she has other little ones to spend time with during the day. :)

    1. Beth P (Post author)

      Being around other children does wonders! I completely agree with that!

  3. Bryna

    Congrats again, on the job AND the adjustment to a schedule. :)


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