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What does your summer sound like?

I had a hard day yesterday. Collin had a friend over for the day, which was great for him, but hard for me. He wanted to be the boss. He wanted to tell his friend what to do, how to do it, and he was not sharing. I’ve never seen him like that – and I understand where it was coming from, we were at his house, but still… it was difficult. I found myself frustrated, even angry at times, because my baby boy has never been that way. Occasionally it will take some coaxing to get him to share something, especially if it is something extra cool, but usually it is never an issue. And the whole alpha-male thing? I have honestly never seen him act like that before. It was just so unusual.

In the heat of the moment I was focusing on those little things: the grabbing of the cars, the tone of his voice when something wasn’t going his way, the tantrum he threw when he didn’t get his way. It took 12 hours – it was just this morning – that I figured out that I missed out on the bigger picture that was yesterday.

Those two sweet boys had so much fun. I noticed all the things “wrong” but they didn’t even care. Why couldn’t I see it that way? Their laughter, their cooperation when things were going well (which, incidentally, was most of the time), the sound of their little feet hitting the floor while they were running around. I missed it all.

My mother stopped by yesterday afternoon with some goodies and diffused my sour mood. She is such an amazing woman – we are so blessed. She brought both boys a pair of sunglasses, balloons, bubbles and she even brought over a new inflatable pool for the backyard. Really. How cool is that? When she called to say she was stopping by I mentioned we were on our way out to play in the sprinkler, and she brought a pool. We were outside for hours, enjoying the sun, playing with bubbles and playing in the pool. What a great afternoon.

So, despite missing out on those moments as they happened yesterday, I can reflect and I just love what I hear. What I can only hope becomes the sound track of my summer – splashing, giggling, baseballs being hit, bells on bikes being run, little feet hitting the floor in a frenzy. Birds, leaves rustling in the breeze, the ice cream truck, and even fireworks set off by neighbors randomly throughout the season. Love.

What does your summer sound like?

In his own time.

Things are getting interesting around here. As we get nearer and nearer to 3 Collin is absolutely insisting that he is a big boy, that he can do anything he wants all by himself, and that he will, in fact, accomplish anything whenever he is ready. He’ll be 3 in August, unbelievably, and each day we get closer to that Collin proves that he is, in fact, getting to be a big, big boy.

He’s always been a bit stubborn, meaning he will do something when HE is good and ready and no sooner. Getting rid of the pacifier? No chance in h-e-double hockey sticks. Not until he was ready to part with it. Things like wearing short sleeve shirts and shorts once the weather turned warm? Not until he decided he was too hot for pants and long sleeve shirts! These situations, while sometimes frustrating, definitely reiterate how important it is for me to pick my battles with him.

So here we are, another day closer to that big boy birthday, and Collin has proved once more that he’s ready to take on new challenges. Over the last week or two he made the decision that he was completely ready for potty training. He’s been in underwear for over a week now with minimal accidents. Saturday we went to the movies and it was his first excursion without a diaper, and finally, last night he insisted that we not put a pull-up on him. He slept in his underwear and woke up early this morning to tell us he needed to go to the bathroom, then went back to bed.

I am such a proud mama with such a big heart right now. <3 My boy is getting so big, I cannot believe it.

Photo Tales Tuesday {10} – Viva San Pietro!

Well, its that time again! Photo Tales Tuesday! Thank you for stopping by and I hope while you’re here you will join in! Photo Tales is a very easy meme – all you have to do is post a picture and tell about it. It could be included with your post anyway, or you could make a post for today’s linky. Either way, we’re happy to have you here!

I have two photos today I just couldn’t resist. My family comes from Gloucester, MA and there is a little massive celebration there every June called Fiesta. It is the celebration of St. Peter who is the patron of Fishermen. Gloucester is a very Italian, very passionate town of fishermen (you may recall the movie “The Perfect Storm” which was based in Gloucester, for example). This weekend Brian, Collin and I headed down to see the parade and visit some family. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for heading towards the ocean. I couldn’t wait to smell the salty air!

My first picture is of my grandfather. My beloved Papa. He died almost 6 years ago now, and there isn’t a single day I don’t think of him. He was wildly popular in town and carried the statue of St. Peter during the parade for a really, really long time. He’s there, in the red shorts, greeting some of the men who have stepped in for the older generation. The second picture is of the statue, just to give you an idea.

I miss the days of watching him come down the street, beaming with pride for his town, for his heritage, for what meant so much to him. It is so wonderful to still go down there and be a part of it just for a day each year, though. I think he is there with us.

Ready to join in? Have a photo to share? It is easy! All you need to do is post a picture and tell about it, share a link to this post or the button up there (the link for the button is on the right side of my blog), and link your post up down below! Entries close Friday and I will pick an entry at random to be featured here on Saturday! Thank you for stopping by!

Photo Tales Feature {9} – A Rural Journal

Good morning and Happy Saturday! I’m excited for the weekend, do you have any big plans? Even though I’ve heard mixed reviews we’re planning on bringing Collin to see Cars – it’ll be his first movie theater experience and I’m excited about it! Tomorrow we’ll be visiting some family from out of town, so that will be nice too.

Today is the beginning of Photo Tales Feature being on Saturday. I am very excited about today’s feature: A Rural Journal!

phototalesfeature9 We are slooooooowly growing, which makes me happy. Thank you to the 7 participants this week, we had some awesome entries! Nancy from A Rural Journal joined in for the first time this week and her post – A few tense moments – is absolutely amazing. So is the picture she shared. Please be sure to go visit and leave some comment love!


Have a great weekend! See you on Tuesday for Photo Tales!!

Vintage airplane – SOOC and edit

I decided to do something a little different today and link up to a couple photo memes. Sunday when we were at the beach we were in this arcade with this old, old $.25 rides and Collin loved them. I did too, and was excited to take a couple pictures.

I loved this plane as is, but it just screamed vintage to me, so that is what I did – I made it look vintage!

I also added a little texture in the edit. I think it came out great!


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