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How to stop the waste?

We’re having a food problem right now. Collin is a grazer – he eats a little bit all day long instead of 3 big meals. I don’t really mind, but it makes it hard to make sure he’s getting everything he needs (in my mind) nutritionally. He is constantly asking for a “nack” (snack) and rarely sits and eats an entire meal with us. I make him a meal whenever we sit down and eat, but he doesn’t always eat it. He will eat a wide range of foods, but we are constantly wasting things because he says he wants something then doesn’t eat it.

I don’t say no very often when he asks for something because more often than not its fruit or yogurt or peanut butter and crackers. He likes chicken and pork too, so we do have meal success sometimes. I’m so tired of making something for him, that I know he likes and has eaten before, only to have him turn up his nose. What do you do to prevent this? He is two, so I feel like we’re not quite at the “he will eat what I make or nothing at all” phase. I don’t have a problem with that, after all, I am not a short-order cook, but I don’t want him to be so hungry we end up giving him junk either.

Any words of advice?

Potty mouth.

I have a feeling we’re getting closer and closer to potty training in this household. Collin has gone “number 1″ on the potty twice, and he sits on it quite regularly, which is fantastic. I’m in the mind set that he’ll get the hang of it when he’s ready, I’m not going to push him.

Lately, he’s been really vocal about the bathroom, though, which leads me to my first theory. Potty training can’t be too far off for us. Did your children start talking about going to the bathroom when it was time to potty train? He’s been telling us when he’s got a dirty diaper, which I’d consider a step in the right direction. Although, I think we must live in a perpetual “opposite day” because what he really does is run up to us and grab his butt and say “No poop mama.”

Oh, really? Sorry son, but the fact that you’re here grabbing your rear end and telling me you didn’t poop despite the stank coming from your diaper makes me think otherwise.

He’s also good and letting us know if he’s wet. I can ask him if he’s wet and his response is usually “Nope. All set.” which I think is incredibly adorable. Well… you know, as adorable as talking about a wet diaper can be.

Yesterday we got a new one. I told him we were going to go upstairs to get ready to go and he turned to me and said “No poop yet mama” in the most matter-of-fact tone he could muster up.

Thanks for the heads up, bubba.

Love Letters Jewelry – Review and Giveaway!

Have you ever seen a piece of hand-stamped jewelry? It is so unique and special! When I was contacted by Erin, designer/owner of Love Letters Jewelry, I could not have been more excited to select a piece of my own. Lucky for you all, Erin was generous enough to offer me a bracelet and a gift certificate for one of you to choose your own, too!

If you’ve been around here for long, or even not-so-long, you know that my son Collin is the light of my life. I couldn’t wait to get his name stamped on a piece of jewelry to wear with me! I chose a bracelet with his name on a circle and a charm with his birthstone. I knew I’d love it but when it got here – well lets say I was fully impressed. I received the package in the mail and opened it up to find a pretty little pouch with Erin’s eye-catching business card inside along with my carefully boxed bracelet. When I pulled the jewelry itself out of the box it was just beautiful!


Here is a little bit about Erin and her company, Love Letters Jewelry:

Love Letters Jewelry is high-quality, personalized, hand stamped jewelry made with women in mind. Wear your own initial or name and a favorite charm, wear your child’s initial or name and birthstone, your grandchildren, or any loved one in your life.  Have a favorite verse or a meaningful saying? Have it stamped and wear with a charm. Love Letters makes for a perfect gift too! Weddings, mom-to-be, graduations, baptism’s and dedications, moving, promotions, birthdays, Christmas or any holiday! I also make name plates for your pets, bookmarks, baby bracelets, keychains, and gifts for your guy. 

I strive to create meaningful and unique keepsakes for you to cherish.  I use quality and durable sterling silver chains, charms and findings, as well as silver and copper pieces.  Each letter is individually hand stamped, no 2 pieces will come out the same–making every piece it’s own unique creation! Also, the letters will not be perfectly straight- this adds to the charm of a hand stamped, handcrafted piece! All of my stamped pendants are custom which allows you to create something special just for you! To clean your piece I recommend using a polishing cloth and a mild sterling silver cleaner. Be careful not to get the letters wet as they will fade.

My name is Erin and I started my Love Letters business officially in April 2010.  I also work full time at a 8-5 job and have been there for over 10 years. My husband was laid off in December 2009 (and is still laid off) so I thought I’d turn my hobby into a business for extra income.  So far it has been a great success and I love what I do!  I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN where I also currently live with my husband, Chris and our 2 year old son, Jonathan. I also enjoy gardening, baking, swimming, and traveling. 

Facebook page:

So, what do you say? Interested in owning a piece of your own? Here is your chance!

What: You are entering to win a $30 gift certificate to Love Letters Jewelry, redeemable for a piece of jewelry of your choice. Contest is open to residents of US and Canada only. Email must be available to win – either in your profile or in your comment. This giveaway will start today, 10/27/10 and run through midnight next Tuesday, 11/2/10. A winner will be announced next Wednesday before 6pm EST.

To enter (main entry): Leave a comment telling me what name, initial, or saying you’d like to have stamped on a piece of jewelry.

Additional Entries (Leave one comment for each):
1. Follow Laugh Until You Cry (new or current followers eligible)
2. “Like” Laugh Until You Cry on Facebook (
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4. Tweet this: Hand stamped jewelry #giveaway with @bethislaughing and @lovelettersFW! Visit for your chance to #win! (leave link to tweet in comments).

A day at the playground.

Hello Tuesday. Time for another installment of “Shutter Love Tuesdays” brought to you by Trendy Treehouse. This week’s theme is “Collage.” You can do pretty much anything with that topic, so I decided to grab a bunch of pictures from a trip to the playground a few weeks ago. This day is still on my mind because we had so much fun. Collin was all smiles and Brian and I were just goofy with him since we had the place to ourselves. If you ask me, not much is as fun and becoming a kid again, even if only for a little while!



Have a great Tuesday everyone!

“Mumkin on the tractor?”

Its that time again. Despite a little bit of rain and our recent trip to the ER, we ventured out on Sunday to get our pumpkins before the Patriots game. We were able to walk around one of our local farm stands for a few minutes before the tractor that was going to take us down to the pumpkin patch was ready to go.

Collin loves trucks, tractors, cars, trains… anything with an engine really. He was very excited to go on the tractor ride this year.

pumpkin1 pumpkin2
We got down to the pumpkins and he didn’t hesitate getting off and running to take a look around. He quickly found a little bitty one and declared he wanted to give it to his baby cousin. It was the cutest thing. Soon enough Brian was coaxing Collin over to this huge beauty – one C couldn’t even hold. I love it!

pumpkin3 pumpkin4 pumpkin5

I’m excited to have officially found this year’s pumpkin for carving and truly can’t believe that Halloween is less than a week away.

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