Quirky kid…

When I got Collin home this afternoon I had big plans to change him into his swim suit with one of those swim diapers underneath. We played in his pool and with his water table yesterday and by the time he was done the regular diaper looked like it might come out the bottom of his shorts at any moment. So when we got home today I brought him to his room and took out one of the different diapers… he wanted nothing to do with it. After a lot of fighting with him, I got that on then put his swim suit on. My plan was to just let him go out in his shorts and no shirt since it was later in the afternoon and the sun wasn’t too bad, just lather him up with sunblock.

Well… best laid plans? What is that saying?

He pitched a fit because he had neither shoes or a shirt on. And, let me mention, that the shoes I am referring to are his regular day – to  – day sneakers. He has a very nice pair of sandals that he will absolutely NOT put on. We ended up taking two trips back to his room, first to get his shoes, which calmed him for a minute, but when he remembered he didn’t have a shirt on he flipped out again and we went up and got one of his rashguard shirts. My goodness.

Outside we went, and enjoyed the late afternoon heat. Its been great here for that – I am loving running through the sprinkler and dipping my feet in his little pool since its been so warm out!

Quirky kid, I am nervous to see how this pans out when we get to go swimming at my in-laws! I can picture myself telling anyone who asks why he has shoes on in the pool if they want to try to get them off of him. Haha!

In other randomness…..

- I had today off to get a bunch of stuff done around here and all day all I could think of was how nice it was out, how good of a mood Collin was in this morning, and how much fun I am sure we would’ve had if I had kept him home and said screw it to all the crap I had on my list of to-dos.
- I have a pretty sweet flip-flop tan line on my feet already, just from my late afternoons outside with Collin. This makes me happy.
- I’m feeling pretty lame about the job search and am beginning to question whether or not I’d even be good as a teacher anymore. Its only been a year, but I feel so out of practice!
- I am secretly pining over a new stroller and would just about die if I figured out a way to get it before we went on vacation. This would involve selling the two I already have, but I’m okay with that.
- I am questioning some relationships I have in real life right now and I don’t like it. The ebb and flow that come with friendships can be so exhausting. This happens every now and then, so I’m not really worried, but that doesn’t make it feel any better.
- I really want the ice cream truck to go by sometime when it is convenient for me to run down the driveway with Collin just because I want him to see what it is and share an ice cream cone with me (yeah, yeah… I’m sure all you more experienced parents are groaning and thinking that I’m asking for trouble with this one, but I have thought about it and am prepared, haha!).
- Today marks 15 days until the 5k!! EEeeeeek. Hopefully its not this incredibly hot by then! Over 90 degrees again today… I think I’d die trying to run in that. I’m still optimistic about the whole thing!

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Comments (7)

  1. Aunt of 14

    Your Collin sounds like a creature of habit, maybe? Well, quirky = cute in my book!

  2. The Empress

    I have a quirky kid, too, they rebuild you, don't they?

  3. Letherton

    I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.
    Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already.
    I have lots of great giveaways going on.
    Thanks :)


  4. Melissa

    Hayden is very quirky! I try to just roll with it as much as possible.

  5. Bryna

    What if you try water shoes? They cover his whole foot, so maybe that's what he's looking for? But maybe he is just a quirky little guy! :)

    "- I am secretly pining over a new stroller and would just about die if I figured out a way to get it before we went on vacation. This would involve selling the two I already have, but I'm okay with that." Why don't you try Craigslist? You can prob. find one for REALLY cheap!

  6. RobMonroe

    Kids are funny in all sorts of ways! Abby will ask for her crocs every day, even though she knows we only wear them AFTER daycare.

    Excitement abounds for your upcoming 5k! That's awesome!

  7. Kari @ p.s. love.love.

    I'm wanting a double jogger right now and would love to have it before we go on vacation too!

    Sorry I haven't been here in a while. Not good! Sorry!


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