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Twenty Months – I just can’t believe it.

Happy 20 Months to my sweet, sweet boy.

We’re officially in the twenties. Oh my! So close to counting the years instead of the months, to celebrating only the 9th of August, instead of all the 9ths. Maybe I will secretly hold a little party of my own every month. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right? Haha. I love getting through another month and doing a little recap. Not only does it make me proud all over again, it is just something else to look forward to.

Collin’s doing fantastic this month. He is definitely on his way to two, with the screaming, and the banging and the whining and the looking us right in the eye and deliberately doing what we say not to do. That is so fun (sarcasm). We started doing time outs and he does a wonderful job dealing with them. Collin’s time out spot is on the bottom step of our set of stairs. Its a curved staircase, so all he has to look at is the corner. He pouts, then when we say he can get up he comes and hugs us. He knows he has done something wrong, and knowing is half the battle!

 This picture is actually from yesterday, but I love it, so I had to post it.

This week we had two of Collin’s friends come play for a couple days. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Collin was very good, but wanted to do every little thing they did (they were older, ages 4 and 6), and that included drinking out of a cup with no lid. He does really great at it, so we’ll be practicing that more. He’s also sitting at the table with us in a big chair now – no more booster. Very occasionally I can get him to sit in his high chair which I still haven’t put away, but it doesn’t happen too often. I only even try if there is something I really want to get done while he’s eating, so he can’t come follow me.

Today we are being pretty lazy around here.

 Its after lunch and we’re both still in our pjs, playing trains and trucks, and having fun laughing. Its a wonderful rainy day as far as I’m concerned. Brady is being lazy too.

It is amazing how quickly Collin is turning into such a little boy right before my eyes. Some days I see it – that he’s grown leaps and bounds – and other days I don’t notice until I go back and look at some pictures I’ve taken over the course of a few days. He is just so handsome, don’t you think?

With those scrumptious cheeks I still can resist. And his blue, blue eyes. Ugh. I am so in love. I am in love, and proud, and impressed and in awe every single day. The transformation from infant to toddler to boy is amazing, and the changes that occur to get from one stage to another are just magical. It isn’t just his appearance that gets me and holds me by the heart, either. He is so intelligent, and logical, and patient. You can’t pull one over on this kid, that’s for sure. And his vocabulary is wonderful. He certainly has a new word almost every day, and if he knows he can’t answer with words he’ll point, or shake his head yes or no, or try as hard as he can.

It has been an incredible journey this far. I cannot believe we are so close to having two full years of joy with this boy. Two years of laughs, smiles, hugs, kisses, nibbles on the cheek, walks around the neighborhood, diaper changes, tickles, squeals of delight. Two years of discovering new things, new ways of seeing the world, and becoming an amazing family. It is going by way too fast, that two year mark is coming way too soon.

Party People In ‘Da House!

Its that time!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Have you checked out UBP’10?! Click on that button if you haven’t! You should SEE all the prizes available! And, we’re going to party! Mingle, get to know each other, and make some new friends!

For all my visitors – HI! I’m Beth, your host here at Laugh Until You Cry. Mom, wife, teacher, friend, daughter, photographer, former band geek. You name it! I have made it this far in blog land by being random, telling it like it is, and always speaking from the heart. I started this journey to keep friends and family updated throughout the pregnancy of my son, Collin. It went well so I kept going and started talking about the trials and tribulations of being a mom. Then I lost my teaching job and it became more about life in general. Heck, just this week I posted about how great life is despite its ups and downs – my son helps me to see that.

I’m happily married to my love of more than ten years now, Brian. He’s great. Actually, he’s more than great. He’s pretty amazing. Not only is he a wonderful husband, but he is the best father to our son and that makes him even more wonderful. I’m pretty blessed.

Here we are:

I’m in the beginning stages of taking up photography as a side business type of thing. I have some posts coming about that soon. Moral of this story is that I love to take pictures, love taking the time to edit them, and have had some wonderful opportunities come up in relation to the whole photo thingamajig. We’ll see how it goes!

Anyway. Enough about me! How about you?! Do you like what you see? Are you having a good time? I designed this place myself. I love blue (turquoise to be exact) and like the spunk my background has. I hope you like what I’ve done with the place, because I want you to feel comfortable. Drink? Snack? Okay, I can’t provide drinks, or snacks, but you could go get one or the other or both and come back and sit down and stay for a while!

This is my first year participating in the Ultimate Blog Party and I’m pretty excited. I spent hours a few minutes going through the tons and tons of prizes available because I’m supposed to list my top three. I had a hard time choosing, but we’re all about family here at Laugh Until You Cry, so I definitely picked some family(ehem…child) friendly prizes!

1. My first choice is prize #39. Be My Guest from Hilton Garden Inn! Truth be told this caught my eye because next week (the 14th!) is our anniversary and we still have not chosen somewhere to go for the weekend and it would just be amazing to have something like this to sway our decision. I’d save our anniversary trip for a time we could go to a Hilton gratis!

2. My second choice is prize #3. A $150 shopping spree at A Rockinghorse To Love. Collin LOVES trains and we only have this rinky dinky little set his grandmother got him for Christmas. I have been talking about adding on to it since the day after Christmas, but it hasn’t happened. I love the Melissa and Doug wooden table they have here. Or the Melissa and Doug train set. Either way, I’d find something good for my little man here!

3. My third choice is prize #19. Preschool toys package provided by Hasbro. Again, this would be for my bubba. As a teacher I am always on the lookout for quality toys that Collin can get something out of. I think he’d just adore everything in this prize package.

Isn’t this exciting?! I’m so thrilled to meet new people! Its like we’re going to play spin the bottle or something. I’m exited like I’m going to my first boy-girl party! Are you ready to join in the fun? Here is your official invitation :-) Visit 5 Minutes for Mom and have a party of  your own! Looking forward to mingling with everyone!

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