Daily Archives: January 3, 2009

How could I forget?!

My thoughts were in a reflective place last time I posted and I neglected to mention Collin’s latest accomplishment! On New Years Eve, as if needing to squeeze it in before 2009 began, Collin rolled over for the very first time. He went from his belly onto his back, and once he realized what he had done, flipped right back over from his back to his belly. That was three days ago. Yesterday he spent some time practicing and is actually getting quite good at it. Good enough that these last couple of nights I have found myself nervously questioning some of the little noises coming over the baby monitor because of the possibility of him turning onto his belly with his face towards the mattress. Ah!

He is becoming so much more active – it is really fun! He love, love LOVES his Jumparoo and just smiles and laughs while in it. He loves being able to stretch out and move around on the floor as well. I am looking forward to practicing sitting up now, which he does for a few seconds already. Sometimes I feel like he knows when he accomplishes something because he actually looks proud of himself. If only he could understand how full he makes my heart and how proud he makes me every single day.

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