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Goodbye 2014, its been real.

I am sitting here, at home, enjoying a very quiet New Years Eve by myself. My littlest is fast asleep in his crib, not lasting much past 7:30 despite my efforts to continue playing and entertaining him. My biggest is out with his father at a local hockey game. There they will watch the game then celebrate NYE with some indoor fireworks. I find the whole thing very fitting. Solitude. Quiet. Me, myself and I. Usually we have a whole group of friends over, but everyone had other plans this year. It works, this alone time. I’m drawn to write, to get down some thoughts about the last year, and I figured that despite not updating this blog since April, maybe there is no better time to be alone with my thoughts and start Laugh Until You Cry up again.

2014 was….. interesting. It hasn’t been bad, but its been challenging. I’ve been working, doing photography part time, taking classes towards a masters degree, and raising the boys and maintaining my home. The year started off great. I had high hopes for success in my classes, I was enjoying my job, and my friendships and home life were great. Eventually, though, things started changing bit by bit. By summer I was stressed out about the state of my position, as I had found out I was being moved to a different school. I was also in the throes of classes and about to start a term that was going to be consuming a lot of my time since I was taking 3 courses instead of two as I had previously been taking. As the new school year started in August I felt nothing but lost in all facets of life, really.

We had some fun over the summer, most memorably a week long trip to the beach with the family. We also planned a Disney vacation for November. It was great to have these things to look forward to. I did really, really well in my classes and am now in the middle of an internship that will end Feb. 1. I’m excited to see where my new certification and qualifications take me. Since finishing my classes in November I’ve really been getting into running and am thrilled to have some new friendships there. It was so, so hard to go through what was easily the most difficult season of my life and feel so isolated. Running has brought me some peace and I also cannot wait to see where that brings me. I’ve got some big goals (half marathon, hello!) and am just so excited to reach them.

My boys are doing great. The baby, who is almost 2, has grown so much. He’s had a vocabulary explosion recently and talks up a storm now, saying everything from please and thank you, to excuse you, to play, Mama, play! I just adore this age and wish I could bottle it up. It is amazing to watch your children grow – especially when so much change is happening. Collin continues to amaze me, but has also brought some new challenges.This school year started off great and continues to go well, but at home we are struggling. He keeps us on our toes, to say the least. It will get better!

I’m slowly accepting everything that has happened this year. I’ve been inspired, frustrated, successful, stressed, lonely, proud, excited, exhausted, and so much more. I do feel confident that 2015 will be a positive year full of triumphs. I am only looking up from here – optimistic that this quiet solitude I am enjoying tonight is just leading me into what will become an exciting, fun, happy year.

Happy New Year!

Lets get back on track…

Today is the last day of April. It is currently 39 degrees out. I have a huge problem with this.

But lets not talk about the weather.

I’m here to do an update. A whole family, get back in the blogging game, update.

Lets start with me. I’m busy – still doing the photography thing, taking classes towards another masters degree thing, working all day thing, on top of keeping up a house, raising my two boys, and trying to get back into running. But its okay. There is an end in sight and I cannot wait for that point. Until then I’ll continue doing what I always do…. keep on keepin’ on.

The photography thing is great. I’ve got a new site and a new look – check it out:
The school thing is great. Despite constantly working on classwork from 8:30-10:30 or so I am doing incredibly well, and for that I am very proud of myself.
The work thing is okay. I love working with the kids, adore it, but cannot wait for the next step. I just know I am going to be an amazing classroom teacher and I want that time to get here.
And the running thing is going well. My knee feels pretty good, although sometimes stiff. I have a goal of simply setting a personal record at the race I’m registered for in June. I am not fast, but I want to challenge myself and my body and I know I can do it. I feel so great after running – I want (no, I NEED) to keep it up.

Brian is doing well. He’s happy at work and looking for more opportunities. He’s currently a property manager as well and still loves doing construction on the side. He’s got to keep busy!

Collin is awesome. He just started to play ball, which he adores, and is doing well in school. He’s busy and we’ve had to accommodate that a bit, but he’s keeping up, which was a fear of mind – that he wouldn’t, so I am pleased. We will be doing a lot of work over the summer to keep up what he’s learned, but I have no problem with that.

And Camden. My sweet boy. He’s so great. He is going to be 14 months next week, walks and tries to run all over. He loves the sandbox, playing outside, and as of late enjoys riding co-pilot on my bike. Collin recently started riding with no training wheels and has figured out how to get himself going so we have been able to go for bike rides and it is awesome.

That is about it. I’ll be back with some more specific posts. Until then, here’s another fun picture of my boys from Easter (to go along with the one in my header…)…


Camden is One!

I can’t believe it. I’m 20 days late here, but my baby is one.


We had a great day on his actual birthday, which was a Wednesday. Brian and I both took the day off and planned an adventure. We sent Collin off to school and did a few errands then picked him up about 15 minutes early and headed into the city. We didn’t hit any traffic, so it was perfect. We went to the aquarium and spent a few hours exploring there. It turned out to be really, really cold and snowy so instead of walking around down there to find something for dinner we headed back north and go something close to home. We also made a pit stop at a local Stride Rite where we got him his first pair of shoes! It was a really nice way to spend his special day.

The following Saturday we had Camden’s “Oh The Places You’ll Go” party. It wasn’t anything over the top, but we had some fun decorations, good food, and obviously some cake! Camden’s grandfather got the picture above and we enjoyed watching him tear into his little smash cake.

I cannot even put into words the joy this boy has brought our family. He is SO happy. His big brother loves him to pieces, I cannot get enough of him, and it is obvious that Brian is excited to see him when he gets home every day. I love it and am so thrilled to watch him continue to grow. He’s toddling around the house now, getting more confident every day, and spreading that happiness all around. <3

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Eleven months. Really.

I’m not quite sure how it is February of the 2014 at this point, but here we are, and I am wishing more and more that time would slow down. This week my baby boy will be 11 months old. Eleven. I just don’t understand how we got here already!

He is quite literally the happiest baby on the planet. I can always count on this beautiful face to make me laugh, or at the very least smile. He has learned to give kisses, shake his head no, nod yes, and says things like dada, hi, baba and sometimes I think he says bye. He loves to dance, has absolutely no teeth (though, his bottom two in the front are finally starting to swell like they will make an appearance soon) and eats like its his job. He has taken a few steps, pulls himself up on everything, and loves playing with little people toys. He’s already climbed the stairs, loves the dog’s water bowl, and will sneak into the bathroom at any given opportunity. I love him so much, its ridiculous.

Collin is nothing short of the amazing big brother I thought he would be and as we have a one year old in our sights it makes me love them both even more because we have had nothing but love between the two of them. I realize there will be hurdles in the future with sharing toys and baby brother bothering big brother and whatnot, but right now in this moment I couldn’t ask for two better boys to love on. They are incredible.

I think by this point in Collin’s first year I had already made his banner, sent out invitations and planned his whole party. Camden suffers from a severe case of second-child syndrome and I have not done any of that yet. I do have a pinterest board dedicated to ideas, though! I will make it happen and I can’t wait. This special baby deserves such a wonderful day. It will be awesome!

A Note to My Boys

As time soars by much faster than anyone could truly fathom I find myself wanting to preserve every laugh, every tear, every tickle, every raspberry blown on bellies, every ouch, every dance move…. every word. I want to remember why every day I feel like a better person.


I look at you both and feel immense happiness. Pride. Joy. I am so grateful you are mine.


You make every part of me better -

…my hair, because it is there for you to twist in your little fingers.

…my lips, because I get to kiss your perfectly soft cheeks with them.

…my eyes, because I get to see you smile and my ears, because I get to hear you laugh.

…my arms, because I get to wrap them around you tight (and consider never letting go).

…my fingers, because without them I’d never be able to feel your skin, hold your hand or wipe away tears.

…my legs, because I get to chase you around and lead you in the right direction.

…my soul, because you keep me young and you make my soul sing.


To my boys… the best part of me is you <3

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